Livability Principles

Livability is a measure of your family’s quality of life. So how do we improve livability for your family and all of Doña Ana County? The Viva Doña Ana project will work to address six Livability Principles that help make healthy communities. By looking at issues and solutions through the lens of these Livability Principles, the region will work to strengthen our people, places, and prosperity. Each Livability Principle is described below.

Principle 1: Provide More Transportation Choices

Better transportation means more time for my family, cleaner air, and healthier communities.

Develop safe, reliable, and affordable transportation choices to decrease household transportation costs, reduce energy consumption and dependence on non-domestic resources, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote public health.

Principle 2: Promote Equitable, Affordable Housing

Being able to afford a good place to live is important to everyone.

Make decisions that provide different types of housing to support a more diverse community across the region. More choices that are more affordable, closer to work, and can reduce the amount of your paycheck that goes to housing and transportation.

Principle 3: Enhance Economic Competitiveness

Quality education and work options mean success for my family.

The success of the region is based on our access to education, jobs, and real wages to live a stable quality of life. The local government and private businesses need to be involved in encouraging job retention, growth, and economic prosperity. This needs to be done with a focus on the availability of adequate housing for employees of existing and potential future businesses, industries, and institutions in our region.

Principle 4: Support Existing Communities

Working to build up our communities.

Concentrate local and federal monies for investment in our established urban and rural communities. All areas are subject to growth over time. Making smart decisions on where to place growth, how to improve existing buildings, and what types of development should go where can strengthen our existing communities. As a region, decisions need to be made and tools put in place to direct the right kind of growth in the right locations.

Principle 5: Coordinate Policies & Leverage Investment

Let’s work together for a stronger region.
Cooperation among federal, state, and local governments, officials, and planning efforts will strengthen the region by properly channeling federal funding and coordinating large-scale improvements (like transportation and energy production). Working together as a region strengthens our pull to secure federal funding and funnel real money to region-wide projects.

Principle 6: Value Communities & Neighborhoods

I would like a community garden in my neighborhood.

Valuing communities and neighborhoods means making places that we enjoy being in, such as great walking paths, parks, plazas, markets, and community gardens. Bringing these amenities into our communities contributes to a diverse, supportive, efficient, healthy, and livable community, and contributes to the overall well-being of residents and visitors.