Fair Housing Study

Laying the Groundwork to Increase Fair Housing Opportunities

The Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA) is a regional scale analysis of housing matters. Everyone should have fair choices concerning where they want to live, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, age or religious preference. The Regional Analysis of Impediments (RAI) portion of the FHEA identifies and evaluates factors that hinder access to housing within areas that offer nearby schools, healthcare, jobs and other services. In other words, it addresses barriers that make it more difficult for people to get safe, affordable, conveniently located housing.


Why is This Important?

We need to know where we are in order to know where we want to go to. The study provides a snapshot of current conditions in our region along with potential strategies to address inequities. The FHEA/RAI will inform many of the other plans the Camino Real Consortium is currently developing. The report findings will directly inform the Comprehensive Plan for Sustainable Development, the Unified Development Code, and the Coloñia (Community) Master Plans.

More than anything, the report will provide valuable information to decision-makers in public, private, and non-profit practice to make good and equitable planning decisions regarding housing throughout Doña Ana County.


Project Documents

Fair Housing Study (Fair Housing Equity Assessment)

Presentation of Findings -- Fair Housing Equity Assessment and Regional Analysis of Impediments