Comprehensive Plan

Toward a Better Future -- A Vision Statement                                        

We want to maintain the unique qualities of our region even as we seek
to create a better future for all.

We value the variety and character of our communities, our multi-cultural
heritage, and the many pathways that bring people together in this
special place.
We treasure the mountains and the desert that surround us, acknowledge
their limitations, and understand that we may be entering a time
of great change in the natural world.
We want to live in vibrant communities that are safe, promote health,
and offer expanded choices in housing and transportation.
We require government services, utilities, and other infrastructure that
meet essential needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.
We support creation of conditions favorable for robust business activity,
good-paying jobs, and expanded economic prosperity.
We believe that every development decision is an opportunity to create
a more desirable future while protecting personal rights, community interests,
and the environment.
We will confront the challenges inherent in future development in a responsible,
democratic, and inclusive manner.

Project Documents & Resources 

Plan 2040 -- Comprehensive Plan

Plan 2040 -- Comprehensive Plan Appendix