What is Viva Dona Ana

Meeting today’s needs and building for the generations of tomorrow.

Your quality of life depends on the kind of home you live in, the way you get around, your ability to have healthy foods and medical care for your family, your children’s education, and economic opportunities to make enough money to support your life. These are the things we need to live happy and to prosper in Doña Ana County.

The Viva Doña Ana regional project will focus on three specific aspects of Doña Ana County: people, places, and prosperity. These three areas will be addressed throughout the Viva Doña Ana planning efforts, and will help build a better quality of life for Doña Ana County residents. This project will provide a complete picture of the issues related to living in Doña Ana County, growing the region, and thriving as a community. The Viva Doña Ana project will also provide strategies, actions, and tools to continue to improve your quality of life.

Through the Viva Doña Ana project, the region will work together during public meetings, working sessions, community discussion groups, and other collaborative settings to address people, places, and prosperity.

People. People are the essence of Doña Ana County, so a focus on people will look at ways to improve and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Issues like access to education and services, safe and reliable ways to move about your community, and a healthy environment will be explored to support people throughout the region.

Places. Our communities are made up of individual places where we live, work, and play. Exploring ways to create healthy, vibrant places with good homes that are well connected by transportation options can increase the region’s quality of life.

Prosperity. We need to be able to support ourselves and our families. A focus on prosperity means exploring how we can build a resilient economy with good jobs, and how we can educate students to be well-prepared to enter the workforce.

Look for ways to get involved in Viva Doña Ana. Your input is valuable to help strengthen our people, places, and prosperity, and to improve our regional quality of life. Click on Your Input for opportunities to share your thoughts.

How does Viva Doña Ana benefit me?

Viva Doña Ana is working to bring together planning efforts and share resources across the region to make the best possible use of limited funding. This approach to planning places emphasis on people, places, and prosperity to better focus our efforts on making Doña Ana County a more livable region.

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